Warface’s new map will take the shooting to an oil platform

Warface new map Platform

The first thing that came to mind when I watched the trailer for the new Warface map, ‘Platform', was the movie Deepwater Horizon with Mark Wahlberg. It's probably no coincidence that Crytek decided to name this platform Deepwater as well.

So, Platform is the new Warface map for the Blitz mode. Probably one of the most dangerous places on Earth to go shooting around, this map looks pretty good judging by the trailer below, with a clever design and plenty of places for you to use to your advantage – but no camping, OK? The map should arrive soon to Warface, and it's highly unlikely that the penguins from the trailer will be a part of it, otherwise many players would surely forget about shooting their enemies and would go instead for some anti-ethical target practice.

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