Warface is shooting for a Xbox One launch on October 9

Warface Xbox One launch October

Not a bad pun, eh? After its September release on PlayStation 4, Warface is now coming to Xbox One on October 9, 2018. The PC version, as you may know already, was released in 2014 and still sports a fairly healthy player base for a first-person shooter. Warface on Xbox One is ow in Early Access and offers not three, but five Early Access packs for you to gain your entry to this shooter: one is a Collector's edition, while the other four are especially tailored to each class.

Warface features several competitive game modes as well as a co-op mode for up to four players where you have to take down the AI-controlled forces of the Blackwood faction. You can also expect some Xbox One timed exclusives, including maps and mission types: three new PvP maps (Farm, Motel and Outskirts), a special operation mission called Cyber Horde, and the Bag and Tag game mode, where players only have to survive, while collecting tags from enemy bodies.

During the first week on PlayStation 4, Warface managed to convince over 1.3 million players to register and try the game. 20% of those players are from the United States, while Germany comes second (12.5%) and France is in the third place (11.2%).

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