Codename: Railjack takes Warframe players into space dogfighting

Warframe codename railjack update

While you were still looking for your jaw after it dropped so hard to the floor with the Fortuna update announcement, Digital Extremes were already announcing another update for Warframe. Once again, this will expand the game in a previously unseen manner.

With Codename: Railjack, Warframe is going to space, where you and three other players will board your Sigma Series Railjack and travel from Venus right up to the ruins of space; best of all, the transition is made in a seamless way. Your crew of four will have to ramp up on teamwork to ensure that everything goes smoothly – you have to coordinate positions that include piloting the ship, manning the guns, repairing the hull and manage everything related to tactics. You can infiltrate enemy ships, eliminate their crew and extract before the big explosion, or discover other tactical approaches to combat. Of course, you can also fully customize your craft.

Codename: Railjack is in development and no release date was revealed.

One extra note for the two upcoming Warframes, codenamed Revenant and Garuda. Take a look at them below.

Warframe codename railjack update

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