Warframe devstream shows new Fortuna and Railjack gameplay

Warframe devstream Fortuna Railjack gameplay

Digital Extremes' latest Warframe devstream is a crowded one, featuring plenty of exciting content that the team is working on and plans on releasing during this year.

The two impressive updates, Fortuna and Codename: Railjack are on display in this video, with Fortuna beginning at around the 32:00 mark and Railjack being shown at the 1:00:40 mark. Fortuna features plenty of hoverboarding on the snowy landscape of Venus, right after you leave the neon-filled underworld, and there is even a missed mountain jump at 49:00 that will probably make you laugh.

The Warframe devstream includes other content such as a couple of Deluxe skins (Vauban and Nidus) and a new event called Relay Reconstruction. All in all, pretty good stuff for any Warframe fan.

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