Warframe goes Street Fighter with Frame Fighter game

Warframe Frame Fighter minigame

What if Warframe suddenly went all brawler with the release of a Street Fighter-like fighting game? That is one crazy thought, right? Well, perhaps not that crazy, and do you know what's best? It's already available!

Frame Fighter is a new fighting minigame where you can challenge your friends for a one on one duel, just as you would in any Street Fighter or BlazBlue games. To play it, you have to visit Simaris and acquire the Ludoplex, which is a new home for all of Warframe's minigames – through Standing. You can choose from three initial fighters (xcalibur, Volt and Mag) and unlock additional characters by discovering fragments throughout the game. Besides Frame Fighter, Warframe has a few more minigames such as the side-scrolling blaster Wyrmius, or the Flappy Bird-like Happy Zephyr.

Today's content update also brings other things besides Frame Fighter, so take a look at the details.

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