Warframe: The Glast Gambit update brings new Warframe Nidus

Digital Extremes has released a new expansion for Warframe titled The Glast Gambit and the highlight is the new Warframe Nidus. The new warrior uses his infested powers on his enemies, using abilities with revealing names such as virulence, larva, or parasitic link, to name just a few.

The new quest The Glast Gambit goes as follows: “Summoned by Ergo Glast of the Perrin Sequence to the outpost known as the Mycona, you have discovered that Nef Anyo has stolen the children of the Mycona Colony, and it is up to you to get them back. You must challenge Nef in The Index and beat him at his own game. But Tenno, beware, not all is as it seems.”

Finally, there are a few new weapons and customizations as well as a new game mode called Infested Salvage.

You can read the full patch notes and watch a couple of The Glast Gambit videos below, including Nidus' reveal.

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