Warframe is now shooting on Nintendo Switch, get a free pack

Warframe Nintendo Switch release

Digital Extremes has just launched Warframe on Nintendo Switch today. This version is also free to download and play, just as the PC, PS4 and Xbox One releases, and you can grab a free in-game welcome pack if you play Warframe on Nintendo Switch by December 4. This pack includes 50,000 Credits, a 3-Day Affinity Booster, an Orokin Reactor, a Forma, and an Orokin Catalyst.

The Nintendo Switch version isn't quite up to date with the other releases – for example, there's no Fortuna, the recently released PC update. This one should find its way into the Switch during 2019, but for now you can still enjoy several years of content up to the Mask of the Revenant update. The goal is to have the Switch in perfect parity with the other consoles in the next year.

The Switch version comes with a limited option to migrate your account from PC to console, so hurry if you think that you will be primarily focusing on Nintendo's console.

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