Warframe announces new open world update Fortuna, set in Venus

Warframe open world update Fortuna

Digital Extremes has revealed the second Warframe open world expansion, coming right after Plains of Eidolon and the one that is set in Venus. This was just one of the announcements during Warframe's annual convention Tennocon.

After you buy everything that you need in the neon underworld of Fortuna, you're off to the surface of Venus and the open Landscape of the Orb Vallis. This landscape's identity includes seascape flora, huge mushrooms, alien rock formations and rare creatures. You will, of course, face several new enemies such as spider bots of different sizes. To travel faster in the Venusian landscape you can use your Bondi K-Drive, a customizable hoverboard that would make Michael J. Fox a.k.a. Marty McFly shed a tear or two.

The Fortuna update looks and sounds amazing and I'm willing to bet it will result in another player base boost for Warframe, but Digital Extremes has only unveiled a vague release date: later in 2018.

Then there is also Codename: Railjack

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