Cinematic quest The Sacrifice is coming to Warframe this month

Warframe the sacrifice

Oh man, this is going to be good! Digital Extremes has finally released a new teaser for a new chapter in Warframe's cinematic storyline, and it is coming to PC in June 2018, and soon after to consoles. Warframe fans already knew that this was in the making for nearly a year ago, but now it's only a few days away.

Called The Sacrifice, this update includes pre-rendered cutscenes to drive the Warframe story forward. Here is a bit of story to get you in the mood before the big reveal, probably closer to E3 2018:

“As dreams fade and wars quiet, the time has come to embrace the greatest Warframe test of all. Following the Cinematic Quests The Second Dream and The War Within comes The Sacrifice, the next story-based update in the free-to-play hit, Warframe. Are you ready, Tenno?”

It's still a bit soon for all the juicy details, but there is already an official guide detailing all the steps that you need to take to reach The Sacrifice. Luckily, you can get a free Orokin Tea Set Decoration and 3-Day Affinity Booster by entering the code “OLDFRIEND” on

We'll know more about The Sacrifice soon, you can bet on that. The new trailer below shows some Warframe players and the amount of hours that they spent playing – 3394 hours, really? How much is that in days (gets calculator)… 141 days? Wow, that is impressive.

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