Venus is the next Warframe open world landscape

Warframe venus

After the successful release of the Plains of Eidolon update for Warframe, Digital Extremes is hard at work on the next landscape for this acclaimed free-to-play shooter.

The next landscape is going to be Venus, but not in the way that you expected it to be. The devs have finally revealed what they want it to look like in terms of aesthetic and lore, opting for a “more fantastical approach.” Winter storms will make the areas of the map more challenging as they ravage the landscape, instead of the night cycles that you see on Earth.

Venus isn't inhabited, however; there's a civilization called Solaris United over there, and they are the unhappy labor force for the Corpus. They live below the surface and their task is to process the coolant and refine it for use back on the surface.

You can read more about the Venus landscape and discover more details from the Warframe Devstream 107 here.

warframe venus

warframe venus

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