Warframe’s Fortuna launches today on consoles, part 2 releasing before year end

Warframe's Fortuna update consoles

Digital Extremes has just released the exciting Fortuna update for Warframe on PS4 and Xbox One consoles today. Fortuna was released for PC about a month ago.

The Devstream #120 and also the last one of 2018 provided Warframe players with some additional info. First of all, Mesa Prime is coming on December 18 with Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime.

The second part of Fortuna content is expected to release for PC before the end of 2018. Electric Boogaloo will bring a mission where you have to rescue some cute animals and other changes and additions, but the highlight is the new Warframe Baruuk. You know, the peace loving ass-kicking warrior inspired by African tribes.

Warframe's latest devstream is right below.


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