Wargaming acquires Fractured Space developer for new free-to-play MMO

Wargaming acquires Fractured Space developer

Wargaming keeps further extending its grasp through deals with third-party studios and acquisitions, even with the occasional hiccup along the way. The World of Tanks publisher seems to be a on roll and has just purchased Fractured Space developer Edge Case Games.

This purchase came at just the right time, as Fractured Space failed to capture a large player base and entered maintenance mode last October. Edge Case Games had to bet on new projects and now, under the wings of Wargaming, they may have the necessary stability.

The 32-strong Edge Case Games team will be relocated to the new Wargaming UK office in Guildford. The studio now includes over 55 staff, working on the new and yet unannounced free-to-play MMO.

With no clue on what Wargaming UK is working on, and based on the previous work of both Wargaming and Edge Case Games, we're betting on World of Wardudes. Well, maybe under some other, more commercially viable name, but you get the idea.

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