Wargaming opens new UK studio to work on a free-to-play MMO

Wargaming free to play multiplatform MMO

Wargaming has just opened a new studio in Guildford, UK, not long after closing the doors of Wargaming Seattle (ex-Gas Powered Games), a studio that was acquired in 2013 and shut down without releasing a single game.

The new studio is under the leadership of Sean Decker and will start with a 25-person development team. Decker is a video game veteran with 17 years of experience in the business, having worked on SimCity, Battlefield and EVE Online.

The plan is to develop an “unannounced free-to-play multiplatorm MMO title”, which could mean absolutely anything. Wargaming is mostly known for its war games (World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes), so we wouldn't expect an MMORPG at all – our money is on some kind of online action game, perhaps a more straightforward title to fit in the FPS (Overwatch) or Battle Royale (Fortnite) genre?

Whatever it is, let's hope that this time we get to see a new game from Wargaming.

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