Tactical shooter Caliber from World of Tanks devs is coming to Europe

Wargaming tactical shooter Caliber

The creators of World of Tanks have revealed its new title, the free-to-play third-person tactical shooter Caliber. After some time in testing in the CIS, it is confirmed that this game is coming to Europe.

Caliber will be playable at Gamescom later this month, starting on August 20. This will be the first time that European players will be able to try the new shooter. Clearly a mix of SOCOM and Ghost Recon, not to mention Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Caliber is a team-based game where four-player squads battle.

There are four Special Forces roles to pick from. Assault is a fast medium-range versatile fighter with an assault rifle, Medic is a close-range fighter with healing abilities, Marksman is great at neutralizing targets from long range, and Support is a heavily armed soldier capable of providing suppressive fire.

The official website of the new Wargaming's tactical shooter Caliber  is live with more screens and info. Watch the trailer below to get a good idea about the game.

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