Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade is going free to WAAAGH!… I mean, to play

The action MMORPG Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade is going free to play really soon, according to an interview with MMORPG.com. Behaviour Interactive’s producer Nathan Richardsson spilled the beans and revealed the move from the initial plan of a trial version (where you played the Ork faction for free but in a very limited form) to a proper free to play model. You can read a bit about it in today's patch notes.

There's a catch though, as players who spend $20 get everything unlocked: “It’s a limited progression and class version, were you progress a third of the pace of the full paying user. The difference in progress gained if you had been a paying player, is banked, so when you eventually have spent $20, it all gets unlocked.” There is still a $50 pack though, which should give you the full experience.

This decision was made with a clear goal, and that was to get more players into the game: “Blood for the blood god and Eternal Crusade with four factions and large battles can capitalize fully on having a free to play option. Even the paying players benefit from having the free players and vice versa.”

The F2P iteration will soft-launch during February – which as you may have noticed, is ending – and in March the game will open up for everyone on Steam. We recommend you take a look at the full interview, as there are some interesting bits of info about future plans for the game, including the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One versions that are still on track.

Although this F2P move is welcome, we can't avoid some sadness considering the mixed reviews on Steam. It's like free to play is becoming a last resort for games that aren't fully accomplished and the consequence is a low playerbase – Eternal Crusade was sitting on around 1,000 concurrent players, which isn't too bad but also not great.

Will you try this game?


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