Warhammer: Odyssey open beta coming soon, Archmage class revealed

Warhammer Odyssey open beta release

Developer Virtual Realms has revealed new art and info for another Warhammer: Odyssey class, the Archmage. We also know that the team is ramping up development in anticipation of the Warhammer: Odyssey open beta release, which is coming soon.

The Archmage uses a two-handed staff or one-handed sword as main weapons, and magical focus as an offhand attack. It excels at damage attacks with AoE and single-target spells, or as a healer with protective buffs and enemy debuffs.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

“Through centuries of dedication and practice to their art, the High Elf Archmages are some of the greatest wielders of magic in the Old World. With a few utterances or a wave of their hand can these truly gifted practitioners surround their allies in protection or lay waste to entire areas in a fiery wrath of destruction.

In times of war, Archmages are most commonly found in an advisory capacity to kings and generals, lending their insight beyond most mortal comprehension. Only a fool would mistake this scholarly figure on the battlefield was easy prey.”

Other Warhammer: Odyssey classes include the Shadow Warrior, Engineer, and Warrior Priest. You can watch an old video at the bottom showcasing the character creation, which seems fairly basic, but the art style is really good.

Warhammer: Odyssey is a mobile MMORPG that we've covered before through a couple of class tour videos, one for the human Witch Hunter and the other featuring the Slayer of the dwarf race. Developer Virtual Realms promised some time ago that this game would have no auto-play, a mechanic that is known for ruining many, many games. Let's hope nothing changed in the meantime.

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