Watch the full Lost Ark The Ancient King’s Tomb dungeon

Lost Ark dungeon gameplay

With the second Lost Ark closed beta long gone – it took place last September -, the attention now turns to the next stage, which could be a third beta, or perhaps an open beta. Who knows?

For now, we can only look back and wonder just when we'll get to play this highly anticipated action MMORPG. It's a good thing then that Steparu had some lengthy footage sitting somewhere, and now he's released it to everyone. The video shows a full run of the Ancient King's Tomb dungeon, the one that includes that devilish boss on top of a tower – if you've followed our Lost Ark coverage, you surely spotted this boss a few times already.

There are rumors of an English Lost Ark release, but developer Smilegate is silent on this matter. I bet it is going to happen eventually, but don't expect it to happen anytime soon.

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