Watching cutscenes in Revelation Online will get you rewards

Revelation Online Windswept Gauntlet

Do you have the habit of playing MMORPGs like there's no tomorrow, skipping every cutscene and just hoping to be one of the first players to reach endgame? If so, here's some food for thought: doing so in Revelation Online will make you lose out on some items.

Story animations in Revelation Online fall under three categories: Cinematics, Skippable Cutscenes and Non-skippable cutscenes. You can skip cutscenes and immediately resume your questing, but you won't earn Story Points. Watching an entire cutscene rewards you with 1-2 Story Points each, which can then be used to gain faction favor for the Storyteller Society, as well as unlocking new items which you can purchase from the Storyteller Society Merchant shop.

There are four different items the Hyphaen Merchant can sell you. One is a one-time usable item you can purchase with a Silver Card (requires you to watch 8 story animations), known as Village Greetings (includes Travel Scrolls, Restorative Philters and Time Scrolls). Then there's three different one-time use head ornaments: a blue Moonflower Hairclip, a green Butterfly Hairclip and a White Little Devil head accessory. You can learn all about the process of acquiring these here.

Revelation Online is currently in early access for players who purchased a Founder’s Pack. The open beta begins March 6.

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