Waven open alpha is available but you can only play PvP

Waven open alpha

Ankama Studios' upcoming anime MMORPG Waven is now at everyone's fingertips. As we predicted, the major announcement teased for today, July 30, is indeed the Waven open alpha. A word of warning though – it currently is in French only, but personally I found the mechanics easy to grasp even if you don't understand the language.

Ankama says that the alpha is open for an undetermined period. You can play it until they decide that they have all the feedback that they need. Ultimately, it could last for a few days or weeks, but I wouldn't wait too long or you may end up missing it.

The open alpha is PC only, but Ankama has stated that a mobile version is in development, with cross-platform play planned.

Some players are reporting that the game locks when the Ankama logo shows up – that happened to me as well. There is a simple fix though – right click on Waven's shortcut and run the game as an administrator. Voilá, problem solved!

While Waven will feature a huge PvE campaign, the alpha is restricted to the turn-based PvP mode. You have 1v1 and 2v2 against other players or the AI. You can choose from six classes: Cra, Eniripsa, Iop, Sram, Sacrieur and Xélor. Each class has its specific attributes and weapon types. Combat is being fine-tuned during the alpha and there's a level cap of 6.

Each class comes with 50 spells, with nearly 70 companions unlocked. You have a deck comprised of eight spells and four companions and there are a few systems at play concerning these. Spells cost action points and elemental points are used to summon companions whom you can control during your turn.

Waven is shaping up to have a deep combat system, but there is a lot more to the game than that. Dofus and Wakfu fans should be delighted to explore this new adventure in the same universe.

Here are the instructions to play the Waven open alpha:

1. Download the Ankama launcher;
2. Log in with your Ankama account;
3. Download / update the Waven client.


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