Which warring faction will you choose in Blade & Soul?

The Blade and Soul website was recently updated with the Factions page, trying to ease your decision on who you will eventually join early on in the game – will it be The Cerulean Order or The Crimson Legion?

You can learn about the two factions on the official website, but one thing you should know is that both of them share a goal of eliminating evil, but how they plan to do it is very different. The Cerulean Order is a militant faction that believes in order, unity and control, while The Crimson Legion believes in freedom above all else, with no oppressive hierarchy dictating their lives.

I already have an idea about who I will choose, and you?

NCsoft is planning a livestream on August 18th at 10AM PDT which will certainly focus on these factions, as well as other cool Blade & Soul stuff.


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