Whoa! AirMech has left Early Access and is now officially live

Airmech official launch

With all the jokes surrounding DayZ's eternal stay in Early Access, you would think that no other game was there for a longer period. Well, you're wrong, as AirMech apparently stayed in Early Access for almost six years, having seen 266 updates until now. AirMech launched on March 30, 2018.

AirMech is one of the first proper MOBA games, before everyone went crazy with League of Legends and SMITE. It was always free-to-play and it wasn't an easy road, as money was needed to support further development and the team changed its focus from making a good game and the money stuff will work out to “make the best game you can AND try to earn enough to pay the dev team to keep working on AirMech.”

Plenty of things were removed for AirMech 2.0, a.k.a. AirMech Strike, as the team “gutted lobbies, groups, stripped out progression based power, every aspect was inspected and considered if it was interfering with fair and balanced PvP in any way–and removed if so.” Tons of content was cut and these things were almost enough to make a game out of, and that is how AirMech Wastelands was born. This is the PvE side of AirMech and it isn't free-to-play. AirMech Strike remains as the F2P PvP-focused version.

One thing the team wants you to know: “AirMech has never been in danger of being shut down–to me the danger is always that we can't put enough developers on it to make it as great as I'd like it to be. Revenue from AirMech will continue to be invested back into AirMech–and there is no limit to what I would like to improve or expand with sufficient revenue.”

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