Wild West MMO New Frontier is now available in free Early Access

Wild West MMO New Frontier

If you need to scratch your Wild West itch then there is a new game out there for you. New Frontier is a survival sandbox MMO that is available in free Early Access starting today.

But before I delve into the subject matter, some context will come in handy for you. New Frontier is the other half of Magnificient 5, a Wild West-themed Battle Royale game that entered open beta last November. These halves were born from the ashes of Wild West Online, a game that failed to deliver on its promises.

Don't go into New Frontier expecting some sort of adventure comparable to Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2. The developers warn players to understand what kind of game you should expect, so heed their words before complaining about it. Apparently, New Frontier is more suited to those who like Rust and Minecraft, as it is a survival game. It's not authentic to the Wild West either, taking a few liberties with the setting – it features “alien monsters, steampunk walking robots and radio comm stations around the world.” Isn't there a movie like that starring Will Smith?

It seems that defending your home from mystical creatures from another dimension will be one of your tasks. The creatures don't seem friendly at all.

If you decide to give New Frontier a shot, let us know in the comments if it's worth anyone's time or if it's a tired retread of a game that was bad in the first place.


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