WildStar is about to sell max-level characters boosts

Wildstar shutting down november

So, you want to play WildStar and reach endgame without going through all the hassle of actually playing WildStar and getting there? Well, good for you, because the next update is going to bring an option to “boost a new character to level 50 with a purchase made directly from the character selection screen”! This means that you can just join the game, create a character and wham bam thank you ma'am, you're level 50! Just how cool is that?

Honestly, not that much. But if you really want to join some of your max-level friends or try a new class/race combo, you can always count on this option, although no price was yet revealed. With the purchase you get “a set of level 50 Assault and Support starting gear, a race-specific mount, some Platinum spending money, your chosen Path rewards, some Elder Gems, immediate access to housing and more. You can try the character boost functionality on the upcoming Heroes Evolved update PTR.

WildStar is getting a big update in August titled Redmoon Terror, which should bring some new raids, bosses and story revelations.


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