Wincars Racer is an online racing game with a skill system

DragonJam Studios just announced the upcoming closed beta for Wincars Racer, which will begin on November 18. This game is a fast-paced online racer for up to eight players that tries to capture the magic of old-school arcade racing games, but adding strategic elements and competitive features to the mix.

Contrary to most arcade racers, there are no random power-ups spawning or other arbitrary element that could break the balance of the races. Instead, Wincars Racer has a special skills system (three per driver) which requires a cooldown or collecting coins in order to be used. Inspired by MOBA games, this system will surely give you some strategic options that other games don't.

It's also crucial to mix and match driver and car, to see which combination works the best for you. There are six drivers with a unique skill and eleven cars with different driving styles and over 120 skins (this is where the monetization will most likely come in). As far as game modes go, there's the online multiplayer mode and the Time Attack mode is for one player only. There are ten circuits with alternate routes, as well as rankings and regular content updates are planned.

Wincars Racer somewhat reminds us of Big Red Racing, a classic racing game, and if it turns out to be half as fun as that one, then it could be great. We should have our first look video soon.


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