Windswept Gauntlet is a boss-riddled instance in Revelation Online

Revelation Online Windswept Gauntlet

Revelation Online‘s world of Nuanor is a dangerous place, but true adventurers are always looking for more challenging foes. Windswept Gauntlet is one of the areas where you'll find impressive challenges in the shape of boss fights. Ten bosses, in fact, each one waiting for you in epic one versus one showdowns. You'll pick a class, a boss and start fighting.

To begin with, you'll only be able to select one boss. As you defeat the remaining bosses with every class, you end up unlocking the tenth and final boss, Scarlet Wyrma. The previous bosses are the following: Flame Lord, Chubby, Samul, Gohn, Demon Urgon, Earkus, Earkus the Brutish, Changgus, and Yungo. Before you begin the actual fights, you can try the practice mode so you can get used to the class you picked. Your enemy? A wooden dummy.

If you're a truly skilled player and manage to get a perfect score with every class against every boss, you'll earn the Skyfire Dragon Wings for a limited time.

Revelation Online Windswept Gauntlet


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