Winning Putt is a new anime golf game now in open beta

So you always wanted to try your hand at golf but you didn't have the balls to do so – golf balls, that is. Then you're in luck as a new free-to-play golf game just came out of nowhere and straight into open beta. It's not just a simple golf game, there's this MMORPG concept around it, including decent character customization, a club where you can hang around and socialize with other players, gear to purchase and improve and so on. Nothing we haven't seen before, but golf MMOs are far from usual.

Gameplay seems to be fairly standard, with a few clicks determining the power and accuracy of the shot, and some special skills allowing for curved shots, great for getting out of tricky situations.

What jumps to the eye at first sight is, of course, the prominence of female avatars that seem to be taken straight out of games such as TERA or Vindictus, with boob physics included, proof that the focus of the in-game cash shop is obviously going to be a massive selection of miniskirts and tight shirts. Winning Putt runs on CryEngine, looks nice as far as free-to-play MMOs go, so if this sounds like it could grab your attention, give it a try. We'll have our first impressions soon.


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