Wolfgang launches today in Closers along with German version

Wolfgang Closers German version

Wolfgang Schneider, the first member from the new Wildhüter team, is available on Closers today. This German character appears with perfect timing, as En Masse Entertainment is also releasing today a German localized test pilot, with the core aspects of the Closers game translated into this additional language and opening up the game to a whole new audience.

Wolfgang is a confident wizard that uses an ancient grimoire – The Black Book – as his weapon of choice. He uses it to summon spirits and weapons of dimensional monsters to unleash destructive dark magic onto his enemies. His level cap starts at 80 and you can expect a release event where you can get a Welcome Box just for logging in with a Wolfgang character. But there's more: every ten levels you can earn another box filled with costumes and consumables. This event ends on Tuesday, October 2, but there are a few more Wolfgang-related events that you can participate in.

A new leveling area and related content for the Wildhüter team is also coming soon.

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