Wolves vs Humans PvP game Don’t Even Think gets first major update

Don’t Even Think PS4

Perfect World Games' asymmetrical PvP survival title Don’t Even Think just received its first major update. The recently released PlayStation 4 free-to-play title was downloaded over 150,000 times during its first days and the developers got quite a bit of player feedback.

This feedback was used to shape the first major update, with the addition of new abilities, a revamped tutorial, new game features and optimization for both werewolves and humans.

Werewolf players are now able to try the new Wolf Howl ability. This helps them to communicate their location to other werewolf players in the vicinity – because hunting as a pack is always better. The other new ability is Olfaction. You probably guessed what it is, but allow me to explain. This allows werewolf players to smell humans within a certain range.

Humans also got a communication tool thanks to the voice chat function. The new observation mode allows defeated players to locate enemies and assist the remaining players.

The patch also brings a few quality of life improvements, such as human movement speed and a streamlined targeting function for the werewolves, among other things.

The official website for Don’t Even Think is right here.


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