World of Dragon Nest details closed beta achievements

World of Dragon Nest details

The closed beta is now over and Nexon Thailand is sharing some World of Dragon Nest details with all the players. There is some interesting info considering that the beta only lasted for seven days and was limited to five countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

For the duration of this closed beta, over 150,000 characters were created – 151,043 to be precise, with 59% of them being male characters. The Warrior was the preferred class, with the Sorceress, Cleric and Archer following, in that exact order.

Most players chose to play an attacking role (52,50%), with 27,79% choosing defense and only 19,71% players acting as support characters. There was a lot of fishing involved – because this is an MMORPG after all – and over 800,000 bosses met their demise.

The video below shows other World of Dragon Nest details from the closed beta. One thing that it doesn't show, however, is a western release date because… well, there isn't one yet.


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