World of Dragon Nest features open world, dual weapon system, no gender-lock and 200-Player PVP

World of Dragon Nest features

World of Dragon Nest is back in the spotlight thanks to its incoming Southeast Asia release by Nexon Thailand. While we have no news on other regions for now and the concept of a PC and mobile cross-play game seems to be lost in time, we do have some interesting info on World of Dragon Nest (thanks MMOCulture).

World of Dragon Nest will be an open world game, with the usual activities such as farming, fishing, crafting and gathering available to you. Unlike the original Dragon Nest, this sequel won't have gender-locked classes, so you can choose your class and gender without worries.

Similar to KurtzPel, World of Dragon Nest comes with a dual-weapon system where you can instantly swap between your two weapons. This will result in a series of combos that the best players will surely want to master.

The storyline will feature time travel, allowing you to unlock some of the mysteries surrounding characters such as Black Knight Velskud. Finally, World of Dragon Nest comes with 200-player PvP with four teams of 50 players dishing it out in the battlefield.

Hopefully developer Eyedentity will soon release more news on World of Dragon Nest, especially concerning the other regions and the existence – or not – of a PC version.

World of Dragon Nest features

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