World of Dragon Nest release is live today, servers already crowded

World of Dragon Nest release

Today's World of Dragon Nest release is drawing a lot of attention, judging by the comments mentioning crowded servers and login issues. Apparently, Nexon and Eyedentity weren't expecting such a massive number of players, and a server maintenance is already planned to fix issues related with unstable connection.

As you may recall, the World of Dragon Nest release date was January 8, 2020, but only for Southeast Asia territories. There is no word yet on a World of Dragon Nest global release, but if the game proves successful, this shouldn't be ruled out. This game is exclusive to Android and iOS devices, but a PC version was originally in the plans – it may not have been scrapped entirely, but don't put much hope on it.

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The World of Dragon Nest download size at launch is a little over 70 MB, but as soon as you launch the game, you're required to install a patch weighing over 2.3 GB. While this patch installs, you can play a whack-a-mole mini-game to earn a few coins, but instead of moles, you'll be smacking birds in the head.

In case you're feeling confused, and rightly so, this game is different from Dragon Nest 2, which is an upcoming China exclusive published by Tencent, also for mobile devices. While Eyedentity is the developer of the original Dragon Nest PC MMORPG and is working on World of Dragon Nest, Chinese studio Shengqu Games is creating this official sequel.

To download this open world MMORPG, head over to the World of Dragon Nest official website, where you'll find the links for the Play Store and App Store.

While we always prefer a PC MMORPG, we're willing to give World of Dragon Nest a pass. Who knows, with its dual-weapon system, open world, and non-gender-locked classes, it may have something going for it.

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