World of Dragon Nest SEA launch date revealed with tons of new features

World of Dragon Nest SEA launch

The World of Dragon Nest SEA launch date was revealed by developer Eyedentity. Since this is for the Southeast Asia alone, the release is only specifically targeting five countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

The World of Dragon Nest SEA launch is scheduled for January 8, 2020, both on Android and iOS. A new trailer was released to highlight the various new features coming with the game, and these are bound to please many players.

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A new class is the highlight of the release. The slayer is here in male and female variants, both of them sporting some cool horns and probably a devilish power as well. The game's performance was enhanced to support 60 FPS gameplay, making for a smoother experience.

A new Dark Nest was added, as well as a Sea Dragon Nest. Some cool and shiny weapon effects were introduced, and now you have a reset skill system if you're not happy with your chosen path. A new seal skill system provides you with additional abilities, and debuff skills are now more effective in PvP mode.

We're not entirely sure what a sudden quest system is, but it's a new feature as well. Perhaps these are side quests that you find along the way, although the “sudden” name sounds a bit out of context here. Monsters are learning some moves as well, with one specific race displaying a newfound blocking ability.

World of Dragon Nest isn't all about saving the world by defeating mobs and bosses. You can take some time-off and participate in the Funky Funky Stage dance event. Nothing like a bit of Dance Dance Revolution Online to keep your spirits up.

Three new nests for you to take down were added: Furious Sandworm, Tacitus, and Furious Fell Guardian. Last but not least, Episode 3 was added to the map, bringing new adventures to World of Dragon Nest.

All of this is coming to a mobile device near you. Unless you happen to live in a territory that isn't part of SEA, that is. No global release was announced yet.

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