World of Dragon Nest is coming to Taiwan, still no western release

World of Dragon Nest Taiwan

I'm not liking the low-profile announcements surrounding World of Dragon Nest. Eyedentity's sequel to what was once one of the best anime action MMORPGs isn't drawing much attention, not to mention that there was no footage revealed to go with the recent server announcements.

What, are they worried that people might be scared by a World of Dragon Nest trailer?

When it was revealed in 2017, World of Dragon Nest was supposed to be a PC and mobile cross-platform game. Lately, however, there is no mention of the PC version anywhere – not on the Southeast Asia announcement, or in the latest Taiwan server publishing deal (thanks MMOCulture).

World of Dragon Nest will be published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau by Gamania, through its subsidiary Beanfun. Sadly, there's not a single screenshot to see how development in this anime MMORPG has progressed since 2017. Or a western announcement, for that matter.


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