World of Dragon Nest website opens with more gameplay footage

World of Dragon Nest website

Nexon Thailand just opened the World of Dragon Nest website. The sequel to one of the first and most appreciated action combat MMORPGs is launching soon for mobile devices in SEA territories. A PC version was announced as well in 2017 but the focus in now solely on the Android and iOS versions.

The most advertised feature of World of Dragon Nest is the open world. While this isn't a seamless open world due to the technical requirement of having areas separated by loading times, you can freely roam the land.

The story in World of Dragon Nest doesn't place the game as a sequel to Dragon Nest, nor a prequel. This is a game set in a multiverse, with an alternative story that involves time traveling. You'll rediscover familiar faces under a different light.

Combat in World of Dragon Nest is described as action-based, but I'm not so sure. Besides the fact that there is an auto-combat option – which is, fair enough, deactivated for some of the toughest boss encounters -, it looks heavily based on button mashing and not nearly enough on dodging and player skill. Watch the combat video below to judge for yourself.

Finally, the website touts Siege Wars, another feature that we already knew of. It's a 200-player battle with four teams comprised of 50 players each. If you like chaotic battlegrounds, this could be your cup of tea. Hopefully the combat will be up to scratch so that the clashes are interesting to keep players coming back for more.

The World of Dragon Nest website is currently bare-bones, but you can visit it by clicking here. Perhaps in the future it will be updated with new content.

Watch some pre-beta World of Dragon Nest character creation and gameplay as well.

As for a western release of World of Dragon Nest, that much is uncertain at this point. This MMORPG is coming to Taiwan, but developer Eyedentity didn't reveal any other publishing deals for now.


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