World of Tanks is coming to PlayStation 4

Wargaming free to play multiplatform MMO

World of Tanks is coming to the PlayStation 4 during 2016, Wargaming has announced. After convincing over 150 million players to register for the PC, Xbox and mobile versions of the game, this shooter will land on PS4 with some platform specific features such as complete Dualshock 4 functionality, share play and PlayStation Vita Remote Play, as well as revamped controls to optimize the handheld experience. There will also be two new maps exclusive to PS4 for a limited time.

World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 is going to be free to all PlayStation account holders, meaning that you won't need a PlayStation Plus membership to play. However, those with a PS Plus membership will gain access to some benefits and items, including a free premium tank with exclusive camouflage, three days of Premium Account time and special discounts on other purchases.

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