World of Warships 0.5.5 patch brings weather and new maps

The new 0.5.5 update for World of Warships is going to bring some interesting additions, the biggest one being the weather system. This won't have any true effect on gameplay, however; weather effects will simply appear at the start of battle for atmospheric purpose, although the North map is going to feature weather that affects visibility. It's will be a case of every player facing this reduced visibility and taking the most advantage of it.


A new system called Dynamic Divisions is also coming, and thanks to it you'll be able to create a Division with a Commander (the player that initiated the Division), who will have authority over the other members of the Division. This is a way to improve coordination in your team.

Finally, World of Warships is getting two new maps, Mountain Range and Trident.

Mountain Range: Modeled after the South China Sea, an area that has been fraught with naval conflict throughout history, expect to see exotic islands encircled by sheer cliffs. Beware enemies hiding around every outcropping!

Trident: Trident features an archipelago resembling those found in the Indian Ocean. During WWII, ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy were greatly attracted to places like this. The small islands made for excellent hiding places from which to launch raids. Trident is one of the first maps to feature time-of-day variants: dawn, morning, evening, and night.

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