World of Warships diary talks about importance of the maps

In the new World of Warships developer diary, Wargaming talks about the process of creating the maps for this tactical naval warfare game and how some of the details may go unnoticed by the players. For example, not all players immediately notice that the beautiful skies feature moving clouds, since they're busy with all the fighting. As for the initial process, the team outlines the concept of a map and then the artists add all these beautiful islands and constructions to make it look beautiful and realistic.

Heat maps help the studio learn how players like to face a map with a specific type of ship, data that may be later used to relocate some points of interest or respawns, to make the map perfectly balanced. Currently featuring eight maps, Ocean is the simplest one, being just a large expanse of water without any islands, available for players of any tier. Further maps grow in size and complexity, allowing players to explore the tactical options that the game is aiming for.

The diary is very interesting and every player waiting for this game should watch it. Currently in closed beta, we're already enjoying the tactical delight that this game provides and we'll have a World of Warships first look gameplay video for you in a few days.


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