World of Warships goes full Mad Max with Battle Royale mode Rogue Wave

World of Warships Rogue Wave mode

Rogue Wave is a new temporary game mode on World of Warships that goes for the full Mad Max approach. It's post-apocalyptic, suitably dirty and gritty, and clearly deserved a lot of work.

It is also described as a Battle Royale game mode, something that the beginning of each match will let on, with these huge zeppelins carrying the warships into the battleground. This is the first time in World of Warships where more than two teams will face off, with four teams of three fighting for supremacy.

You can choose from three new ship classes designed for this new mode: Octopus, Moray Eel and Barracuda. Every player starts with the bare essentials and it's up to you to improve your ship.

Read more about the World of Warships Rogue Wave mode and watch the announcement trailer below.


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