World of Speed was quietly delayed indefinitely

World of Speed open beta

Announced early 2014 and one of the trio of games that introduced publisher to the world (the other two being Skyforge and Armored Warfare), World of Speed has been very quiet for many, many months, leaving players wondering if this free-to-play… I mean, free-to-compete online racing game from Slightly Mad Studios was on the right path or going through some serious road bumps. It looks like everyone's fears were correct, as it recently came to light that the game apparently doesn't have the quality that the studio wanted and needs a substantial revision.

It seems that this post was made in the official Russian forums of World of Speed, which were then locked (meaning users couldn't create new topics or reply), but this is obviously valid for the game in a whole. While there's some talk about gathering feedback and how difficult it is to talk about the timing of the next stages of testing, there's this feeling that World of Speed isn't so much delayed and going through a revamp, but more like put aside until everyone forgets about it. We could be wrong and we hope so, as Slightly Mad Studios is usually a good developer of racing games and World of Speed was looking very promising.

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