XCOM-like RAM Pressure shows revamped gameplay in new trailer

XCOM RAM Pressure gameplay

RAM Pressure's developer GDT has just revealed the new gameplay video from the Alpha build. This demo shows the XCOM-inspired tactical gameplay that looked very promising when RAM Pressure was announced, but now it includes changes based on player feedback from the previous tests.

You can take a good look at the tactical options, including the always awesome grenade throwing to destroy a wall and expose your enemies. The environmental destruction seems particularly interesting.

That being said, the new gameplay doesn't show the new motion capture animations that are yet to be implemented, but the studio wanted to show the new gameplay as soon as they could.

RAM Pressure is now out of Alpha testing, with the next stages being a Private Beta Test and Early Access. The Private Beta is planned for June, but this isn't set in stone as there is a lot of work to be done. Polishing the gameplay, optimizing the graphics, implementing the motion capture, voice recording and adding more locations of the story campaign.


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