XL Games is hiring for two PC and console Unreal Engine 4 action RPGs

XL Games job RPG

Is there life for Korean studio XL Games besides ArcheAge? Finally, through a couple of job offers (via MMOCulture) we have confirmation that they are working on new games. Or one new game, it's not exactly clear.

What we do know is that the new games – apparently codenamed P3 and P4 – are built on Unreal Engine 4 for PC and console platforms, and will be action RPGs. P3 is described as an online action RPG while P4 is a “stylish” action RPG – still could be the same game, for all that we know.

It will take a while before we know anything specific about these games, but we're curious to see where XL Games is going after ArcheAge.

XL Games job RPG


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