You’ll see WildStar: Reloaded in a new, prettier light

WildStar already looked pretty good, with a distinctive art style, but when the free-to-play WildStar: Reloaded launches on September 29, it will look even better, thanks to a reworked lighting. Carbine Studios is beginning with the low level starter zones and will gradually move on to the higher level ones, as updates are released.

WildStar: Reloaded will have a higher number of sources to light up the environment as well as “effects such as the rays from an otherworldly star — or a glow from a campfire” that definitely make the game world even prettier. The difference between the previous version and the new one is impressive – just take a look at the before and after screens to see just how dramatic the visual change is, and without going through all the endless trouble of reworking character models and textures.

Here's our WildStar: Reloaded first look video for you to watch while counting the days for the official launch.


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