Zen Archer class is now live in Blade and Soul: Storm of Arrows

Blade and Soul Zen Archer class

Ah, s***, here we go again! It's time to level up the new Zen Archer class, now live in Blade and Soul with the release of the Storm of Arrows update. If you recall, you could get a free Blade & Soul gift pack to celebrate the Zen Archer class announcement.

This update brings said Archer class, but also introduces several new content for you to tackle. There's a couple of new dungeons for 6 players and 12 players, new equipment and plenty of quality of life changes and improvements.

Of course, the Zen Archer is the main addition. This fierce class is able to channel light or wind to make the attacks even more dangerous, and has a few skills that improve mobility while still firing deadly volleys.

You can read the full patch notes to see what's new, and it's a lot. Below you'll find the highlights of the Storm of Arros update. 

  • Cathedra Cliffs Dungeon: 6-player dungeon with several quests. Players must travel to a hidden temple complex guarded for generations and defeat Ayanka, the Storm Speake
  • Throne of Oblivion: 12-player dungeon with several quests. In the Emperor’s Tomb, players will find the Grand Celestial Emperor still lingering. Players must join a raid group to send the Emperor’s twisted spirit back to the shadows.
  • New Legendary Gear: Players can now use the Wildsong, Stormsiege, and Thundercall Legendary Bracelets, which can be crafted through items obtained from completing Chedra Cliffs and Throne of Oblivion. They can also unlock new weapon paths – Thornbreaker stages 7-9 and the two new Legendary weapons, Lionroar and Wingsong.
  • Radiant Challenge Event: Through October 16, players can earn a Radiant Reward Chest each day by completing three daily challenge quests. The chests contain both guaranteed and random rewards. Players can earn additional chests by completing several dynamic quests as well.
  • Zen Archer Level Up Event: Through October 16, players can earn a Radiant Nebula Stone and a 7-Day Premium Membership just by leveling up a new Zen Archer character up to level 60.
  • Bountiful Harvest Treasure Trove: Each day, players will receive a free key to open the Bountiful Harvest Treasure Trove, which allows players to buy in-game cosmetics, items, and more with in-game gold. Players can purchase more keys and more Treasure Trove slots to expand their offerings.


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