ZeniMax Online is hiring for a new MMO and “exciting new IP”

ZeniMax Online new MMO

ZeniMax Online Studios, developer of The Elder Scrolls Online, is working on a new MMO game apparently for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. This much was discovered in a new job offer for a Core Tech Programmer who wants to work in its Hunt Valley, Maryland, US office (thanks MassivelyOP).

The offer also mentions that the chosen one will work “on an exciting new IP”, which at this point could mean anything. Well, apart from the fact that it won't be a Fallout MMORPG – Fallout 76 is probably the closest that we'll get to it for a few years. So, this leaves us with the still mysterious Starfield, a game that has been described as Fallout in space (or Mass Effect via Betheda), or some other new IP.

Of course, the desired “MMO development experience” is extremely vague. Could it be for an MMORPG, or a Battle Royale game? Is it in any way related with last year's job offer for a “AAA freemium game” in development at Bethesda's Montreal studio? This is a lot of questions, for sure, so we're hoping to get some answers soon.

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