Zeus’ Battlegrounds is the demigod Battle Royale for 100 players

Zeus Battlegrounds free battle royale game

What if SMITE went Battle Royale, but only focused on the Greek mythology? Then we would probably get something like Zeus' Battlegrounds, a new and free-to-play game coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac and PC from Industry Games, a US-based indie developer founded in 2013.

Zeus' Battlegrounds features some exciting PvP action with up to 100 players per map, and supports both first-person and third-person play. Melee and ranged weapons are available, and hopefully melee combat will feel as meaty as in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. You get to pick a demigod and use godlike weapons, but you don't have to move on foot all the time: you can travel by horse, chariot, or wolf as well. Wolf? Sign us up.

The Zeus' Battlegrounds official website is live in case you want to register for the beta, which is already ongoing.

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