Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta begins in May

Zombies Monsters Robots is shutting down

Everything is moving at a swift pace for Zombies Monsters Robots, the free-to-play shooter that is known as Mercenary Ops 2 in China and Hazard Ops in Europe. A lot of names for what looks like a pretty solid Gears of War-like online third-person shooter. En Masse Entertainment, of Tera fame, is handling the publishing duties in North America and just released a new trailer in anticipation for the closed beta, which we now know is scheduled for May.

You can sign up for the Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta at the official website. The beta will include the following game modes and respective maps:

Kill Every Thing: The zombie apocalypse has begun! Put down wave after wave of undead horrors!
Map: The Pit

Assault: The alien Dominion are attacking through Earth’s threshold network! Meet them head-on, and shut ‘em down… hard.
Map: Hot Dam
Map: Tourist Trap

PvP: Not every enemy comes from another dimension. Take on rival mercs in a head-to-head shootout!
Map: Killville
Map: Bullet Train

Zombies Monsters Robots was announced just a few weeks ago and the reveal trailer was released soon after. The full launch of Zombies Monsters Robots, which is developed by Yingpei Games – formerly Epic Games China – is planned for Summer 2014.

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