Evil wins: Shooter Zombies Monsters Robots is shutting down

Zombies Monsters Robots is shutting down

Let's be honest here: most of you already forgot about Zombies Monsters Robots for a while ago, right? En Masse Entertainment's western servers of this fairly decent but shallow third-person shooter weren't exactly filled to the brim with excited players – although there are some other MMOs which keep going for absolutely mysterious reasons, such as Otherland, which barely has any players at all.

But back to the matter at hand. ZMR, as it is also known, is going away after about three years. The last day for you to play will be Tuesday, October 31, and En Masse isn't expecting any other publisher to pick the game up. The publisher does mention that the publishing agreement with the developer has ended, and since the numbers didn't quite set the roof on fire, this decision was made.

As a goodbye present, all the items in the ZMR store will be free, and if you have played the game sometiem between July 18 and September 18, 2017, you'll get 1,000 EMP to spend in other En Masse games: TERA, Kritika Online, AVA and the upcoming anime beat'em up Closers.

The European version of ZMR, called Hazard Ops, isn't officially dead yet but it's akin to a rotting corpse, as the publisher isn't saying a word about it since late 2016. Let's assume the game is also a putrid zombie as of now, as it seems to stink.

Here is a FAQ on the North American closure if you want to know some more details.

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