7 Overall Score
Graphics: 5/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Sound: 3/10

Huge community | PvP gameplay

Repetitive gameplay | Paying players get unfair advantages

DarkOrbit is a free browser game from prolific makers Bigpoint. There’s no need for installation and it’s free to create an account, but as usual there are ways to claim some money from players.

There’s not much to know about DarkOrbit. The story places you in a spaceship, after selecting your faction from the three available: MMO (Mars Mining Operation), EIC (Earth Industries Corporation) and VRU (Venus Ressources Unlimited). Then it’s off to outer space, shooting enemy ships and collecting resources to become more powerful. Each faction has their own background but the gameplay is mostly the same.

When we start the game we only have access to a small and basic ship, and need to collect resources from several kinds. Occasionally we’re tasked with missions such as destroying a specific kind of enemy. Success will bring us more equipment and help to increase in rank. Better shields and weapons are some of the upgrades, along with other prizes for a mission well done.

But there’s only so much your starter ship can do. So the goal is to buy better ships, that are faster, more resistant and that can stock more ammo. Sounds easy? Not really, since the different ships are very expensive, along with the money they take to repair damage. There are ten ships to choose from within three categories, but while a hard-working player (if there’s such a thing) has to earn all the money through several days of play, those who signup for a Premium account will collect more uridium than the others, and this will be used to buy the better ships, ammo, and other useful things. Also, repairs are free for these players. An unfair advantage that is likely to drive many players to frustration.

This turns out to be the biggest downside of DarkOrbit, along with few changes in the main gameplay – just shoot enemies and collect resources. So, if you’re willing to spend some time with the game but don’t want to part with your real money, this is a free MMO game where you can waste some time, but it’s far from groundbreaking.

by Vítor Braz


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