ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds

PUBLISHER: Webzen | DEVELOPER: Polygon Games
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shutdown Oct 2016

ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG inspired by Asian myths and legends and often called the Asian World of Warcraft. This game is set in a vast and vibrant world filled with colorful environments and unique characters. The intuitive controls are ideal for both new and experienced players, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay experience. ASTA offers extensive options for both solo and party play, with a flexible dungeon system that adjusts its difficulty based on the number of players. It also offers a ready-made party and raid finder that allows players to connect and group up in an instant. PvE and PvP enthusiasts alike will get their fill experiencing ASTA’s dungeons, daily raids, battlegrounds and guild-vs-guild competitions.

ASTA is powered by the CryEngine 3 and while it doesn't make the most out of this powerful game engine, it offers good visuals even on lower-end PCs.

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