Battlefield Heroes

PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts | DEVELOPER: EA | GENRE: Shooter
THEME: Cartoon | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shutdown 2015

Battlefield Heroes is a successful entry of Electronic Arts in the free-to-play games market, basically a cartoony and fun spin-off of their blockbuster series Battlefield. Despite being free, this is a game with many qualities, as anyone can see from the first minutes in the fast and frantic battles.

There’s a clear inspiration in Team Fortress 2 visuals, with the clean graphics and colorful maps, but that’s where the resemblance stops. Gameplay is really easy to get into, controls are intuitive and everything runs smoothly. Battlefield Heroes is a third-person shooter that doesn’t takes itself too seriously, but it still provides a pleasant and balanced challenge to every player, from rookies to veterans. It’s not just running around, since there are vehicles in the battlefield, such as tanks, jeeps and even planes (the player may even take a ride in the wing!). Use them in a cooperative manner and you will defeat the rival team; be a hero and you’re most likely to end up respawning again and again.

The better your performance in the battlefield, the more experience points you earn. As your character gets more powerful you get to use Hero Points to purchase special abilities, just like you see in any MMORPG such as Champions Online: Free For All. The over-the-top powers in Battlefield Heroes are not only devastating but also funny to watch, with some results that may leave both you and your rival laughing. The Valor Points can be obtained by accomplishing certain missions, such as killing ten enemies using a tank. Then they can be used to upgrade your arsenal and purchase better weapons.

Battlefield Heroes is simultaneously fun, free and great to look at. As long as Electronic Arts keeps on adding content and making sure that players are happy in the Battlefield, everything will be fine. If not, players can always jump to other games, such as… Battlefield Play4free, a more realistic depiction of the series and inspired by Battlefield 2.


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